Patreon is a membership platform for support your favourite artists with a monthly fee. In exchange, Artists offers rewards – digital and physical. So, if you love Thirdway Industries, you should consider joining it: I offer a lot of awesome rewards, including decks! Continue reading for more details.

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2022 Patreon Sword Rewards 

To get Eva White Rose, the first 2022 Yearly Reward, you must have a TWI Patreon Yearly Membership starting or renewing in 2022 and/or being a “Sword” Patreon member from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022.

Here are the 2022 TWI Patreon rewards delivered or announced so far.

Q1 (Jan-Feb-Mar)

Black Market Crypto EE

Egoism Ivory

Delivered in Mar 2022

Q2 (Apr-May-Jun)

Egoism Relic EE

Good Deck

Evil Deck V2

Delivery Jun/May 2022

Q3 (Jul-Aug-Sept)

Eva Celeste

Eva Splendida

Est. delivery Sept’22

Q4 (Oct-Nov-Dec)


Est. delivery Jan’23

2022 Annual reward

Eva White Rose


Est. delivery Jan’23

TWI Patreon Tiers

TWI Patreon offers a lot of exclusive content, like previews on new decks/projects, background stories, secrets, informations. All posts are unlocked with the smallest reward available, called Bronze Key ($3/month). This tier also include a 3% discount on this website!

The Golden Key ($6 month) unlocks all the posts as well, but also offers access or priority on certain sales and a 6% discount on this website.

The Sword of the Conqueror include all the perks of the Keys, plus the Sword Package, the Patreon Physical reward. Longswords and Massive Swords are exactly th the same as Sword – just the physical reward is double or tripled.

Patreon Sword Package

The Regular Sword package is shipped 4 times per year, often once every 3 months. It includes from 1 to 4 decks.

Shipping is free for most countries (US, UK, CH, EU, CA, NZ, AU).

If you have a yearly membership or you’re a Patron from January to December, you’re also eligible for a Yearly Reward.

Patreon rewards can be EE (Eternal Editions) which are Patreon exclusives, not available outside Patreon.

Eternal Editions (EE)

The Eternal Editions (EE) are Patreon Exclusive decks, introduced in 2021.

These are made exclusively for Patrons and available ONLY as Sword of the Conqueror rewards.

EE will be very difficult to get outside Patreon. Unsold copies might be available for Patrons who want duplicates.

f I decide to release an EE for general public, it will have a very high price and it may be bundled with other decks.

Long story short: if you want Eternal Editions,

Check TWI Patreon!

Patreon Decks!

Here are some of the decks were included into the Sword Packages since 2019.

2021 Rewards

Here are all the rewards delivered via Patreon in 2021. It should give you an idea of what you would receive joining TWI Patreon.


Conquerors Vendetta


Conquerors Vendetta


Monolith Singularity


Monolith Horizon

MAY 21

Egoism Rust x2


Black Market x2


1/3 Conquerors Justitia


1/3 Conquerors Justitia


1/3 Conquerors Justitia

OCT 2021

1/3 Egoism Peacock

NOV 2021

1/3 Egoism Peacock

DEC 2021

1/3 Egoism Peacock

Frequently asked questions

How I can get the yearly reward?

You should have a yearly membership starting in the current year (any month) or you should be a member from January to December. If you are a member from Jan to Dec and you’re also a yearly Patron, you’ll get a double Yearly Reward.

How can I get more Patreon decks?

You can subscribe for the “Longsword of the Conqueror” (that doubles anything you’ll get from the regular sword) or the “Massive Sword of the Conqueror” (that triples anything you’ll get from the regular sword). These multiply only the physical reward, the TWI discount and the other perks will stay the same.

Which perks include Patreon?

Patreon Sword include a 9% discount on Thirdway Website, some flash sales events reserved to Patrons, previews, informations and backstories on Thirdway Industries decks.

What happens if I activate a yearly membership in a different month than January?

You will be charged upfront for 12 months and your membership will last 12 months exactly. For example, if you join in October 2021, your membership will expire in November 2022.

Have other questions not listed here? Mail me at