Fantasma Overview

Fantasma is first deck by Thirdway Industries to be printed almost entirely with invisible ink. Check this video:

The court cards are fully custom, intricate and invisible under normal light. Only a blacklight reveals the design!

There are two main decks on this project, Fantasma Spirit and Fantasma Tomb, both printed by Boschiero&Newton (boxes) and USPCC (cards).

The “Tomb” version is a more traditional–albeit super fancy–tuckbox made with premium papertwo layers of foil (black + iridescent light blue), and embossing.

The “Spirit” version is not actually a tuckbox. The outer covering for “Spirit” is an embossed and holo-foiled premium paper sleeve featuring a cutout that reveals a small neon skull.

Okay, but what is a sleeve? A sleeve is an outer case that includes another box. If you remove Spirit’s sleeve, you will find the inner box, which is completely blank apart from a tiny, winged skull.

The indexes are printed with Neon Ink, which is visible in normal light but fluoresces under blacklight, becoming more vibrant.

This is probably the boldest project I’ve designed so far: I’ve included some invisible elements in my previous decks, but a whole deck, fully custom, designed with invisible ink? As far as I know, no one has been crazy enough to try it. Until now.

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