Fantasma Vision

Fantasma Vision


Fantasma Vision is the second deck of Fantasma Revenant Series.

  • Spirit has a white/neon/holographic sleeve printed by Boschiero&Newton
  • This sleeve features neon foil overlapped with a layer of holographic, wavy, transparent foil!
  • The sleeve is printed on premium paper, foiled, embossed and with a cutout on front
  • Inside the sleeve there is another box, printed with neon ink!
  • Embossing
  • Courts, pips, jokers printed with neon ink (visible in normal condition and fluorescent under blacklight)
  • Fantasma cards are printed by USPCC
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Fantasma Vision tuckbox prototype:

Ectoplasm and Vision, are the main decks of the “Fantasma  Revenant” project, both printed by Boschiero&Newton (boxes) and USPCC (cards). Fantasma Revenant cards are printed with neon inks, fluorescent under blacklight:

Vision has a luxury foiled sleeve (that include another tuckbox, printed with neon ink!), and Ectoplasm has a neon green tuckbox.



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