2019 was an incredible year and I wanted to gather all the most important milestones in one page.

2th January – Betrayers Veritas was available for preorder

Veritas was the last “betrayal” of the series. This deck has swapped colors on suits (Black Hearts and Diamonds, Red Spades and Clubs), 2-ways courts and back. It’s a very special and fun deck, printed by USPCC.

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13th January – Thirdway Industries Patreon

In January 2019 I have launched Thirdway Industries Patreon – it’s going well and I am still working to make it sustainable for me and awesome for supporters.

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15th February – Monolith Kickstarter

Gathered 50.384 € – 667 Backers

Monolith is my most spectacular project so far. With pure silver ink and holographic foil on front and back of the cards, I pushed the boundaries of playing cards production and I am really proud of the result. Black Monolith is printed by Cartamundi in Belgium, White Monolith by USPCC in Usa.

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1st April – Conquerors was announced

My first “Patreon” deck was entirely produced with Thirdway Industries funds. It’s minimalistic but fully custom, printed with awesome metallic inks. Printed by USPCC with the limited Victoria box made by Gamblers Warehouse. It was revealed the 1st of April and it was the reward of May and June 2019 Patreon Sword of the Conqueror.

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15th May – Gold Monolith was available for preorder

Gold Monolith is the “secret” deck of Monolith Series. It include the cards of Black Monolith, with a different box and holographic gilding. I doubt there will be a deck more holographic (and crazy) than this one. Gold Monolith is now not available, but it might come back in 2020.

28th June – Order Kickstarter


Gathered 47.383 € – 650 Backers

Inspired by dystopian novels like 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, Order tells a powerful story with a new style inspired by WW2 and Soviet Union propaganda. Order is printed by USPCC with the Electus Limited edition printed by Gamblers Warehouse.

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12th September – Order Occultus

Occultus is a deck that couldn’t be bought. However, sometimes it will be available as a gift or in certain bundles.

4th October – Third Siren was announced!

Third Siren is a side project, made mainly for fun – it’s a newsletter for promote my and other people’s project. It’s still in beta and I’ve just released one newsletter on Black Friday 2019.

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21th September – Collection Starters was launched!

This new sections include a bundle of all my available decks (just updated) plus a couple of random bundles with awesome prices. Made mainly for people who doesn’t have any of my decks.

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11th October – Modern Idols Kickstarter

Gathered 36.377 € – 439 Backers

A crazy series about nowadays divine beings: with a lot of unique illustrations and a lot of neon inks, it’s the most colorful project of 2019. It’s being produced now and will be released in 2020. Modern Idols will be printed by USPCC.

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8th November – Eva Noire and Eva Paradis announced

A remake of one of my past favourite decks, Eva Noire is a full-female deck with metallic inks, that include all the “first women” of the various cultures. It will be available on Patreon and for preorder in early 2020.

29th November – Exquisite Fortuna for sale at Black Friday!


Designed in 2017, Exquisite Fortuna was an unannounced surprise at 52+J Convention. It was for sale on Black Friday 2019. Printed by EPCC with three foils on card backs.

19th December – Evil Deck is BACK!

I found that EPCC had some unsold Evil Decks in stock and I’ve bought them to made them available again.

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