Welcome, Collector! This page offer advice and discounted bundles for start your Thirdway Industries collection.

Those deals are focused for the ones that doesn’t own any of Thirdway Industries decks. If you want “everything”, there is a monster-bundle that include ALL the TWI decks available. This bundle is mainly to give you a list of all my available decks, but if you’re crazy enough, you can actually buy it.

Here are the Collection Starters Bundles Available:

Hints for starting your TWI collection!

If you want to start a Thirdway Collection, I gathered all the advice you need to get the decks you like saving as much as possible.

  • Buy items when they are launched!

The decks of TWI are purposely sold with a very low price when they are released, compared to retail. 

I do this purposely, because I want to give the best deal possible to anyone is “believing” in a future product that has not been produced/seen yet. Usually TWI decks are released through Kickstarter – Click here to receive TWI Kickstarter notifications

  • Check the “Collection Starter” to kickstart your collection

This page includes several bundles of various TWI decks with an incredible price. In terms of value-quantity, these are probably the best deals available on TWI Website. And, if you’re crazy/rich enough, you can purchase ALL the TWI decks available at once. Check the bundles above.

  • Know the difference between Unlimited, Limited, Excellence and EE.

Limited decks are harder to find and more expensive than unlimited ones. Unlimited decks are usually priced from $15 to $25 and are printed in more than 2000 units, and they may be available on other playing cards shops. Limited decks are usually priced from $39 to $70 and are printed in less than 2000 units. Limited decks are exclusive to this site, so it’s very difficult find them elsewhere. I never reprint decks, so also “unlimited” are technically limited.

Excellence” decks are even more rare/exclusive/luxury decks, often experimental or gilded.

EE decks are Eternal Editions, Patreon exclusives – very rare to get outside Patreon.

  • Buy bundles for “old” decks

TWI decks are all limited and never reprinted, so the price gradually increases while the stock available gradually decreases. I tend to raise the price substantially when a deck is low stock or almost sold out. However, there is a way to get old decks with a good deal: buying bundles. Click here to see the bundles available. Or, you can ask me a custom bundle directly via e-mail at giovanni@thirdway.it

  • Take advantage of the offers!

Sometimes I release “seasonal sales”. In these special moments, I lower the prices of certain items, publish bundles with crazy discounts and even restock a sold out product temporarily (if it’s not “permanently sold out”). To receive a notification of these sales, subscribe the Thirdway Industries Newsletter

  • Love Thirdway? Consider being a Patron!

Patreon is a platform to support the artists you love, receiving a reward in return. TWI Patreon offers physical rewards with a fee of $30/month – during the year I send around 10 decks of various rarity, from the “standard” ones from the super rare Eternal Editions (EE) available mainly for Patrons. The EE decks are the most important reason to join, since these are almost “unavailable” (=expensive) outside Patreon. Find out more on TWI Patreon

  • Discover the stories and the series

Thirdway releases are many, all with different lores and stories – to find the decks easier, I’ve set up a couple of pages. The first is organized by Series, the other is organized by Themes. With these two links you should be able to keep the TWI Universe under control 🙂

  • Have a specific request or question?

Remember that you can ask me anything directly, writing at giovanni@thirdway.it – I can assist in finding certain decks, explanations, general customer service or even special bundles/deals. Usually I reply quick and I am happy to assist anyone interested in TWI stuff 🙂

  • Want everything? Evaluate the Monster Collection!

The Monster Collection includes ALL my decks available. It’s super expensive and crazy – I made this as a list of the available decks, it was not supposed to be available for sale. Of course if a deck will be “sold out”, it will be removed from the Monster Collection and the price will be reduced. When new decks will be released on TWI website, I’ll add these to the Monster Collection and its price will increase.