Welcome, Collector! This page offer discounted bundles for start your Thirdway Industries collection. Those deals are focused for the ones that doesn’t own any of Thirdway Industries decks.

If you want everything, there is a monster-bundle that include ALL the TWI decks available. This bundle is mainly to give you a list of all my available decks, but if you’re crazy enough, you can actually buy it.

Here are the Collection Starters Bundles Available:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

To help new collectors, I have created a page with cheap bundles of various decks. There is also an all-in product that include all the decks of Thirdway Industries available.

What is the difference between Limited and Unlimited?

Limited decks are harder to find and more expensive than unlimited ones. Unlimited decks are usually priced from $15 to $25 and are printed in more than 2000 units, and they may be available on other playing cards shops. Limited decks are usually priced from $39 to $70 and are printed in less than 2000 units. Limited decks are exclusive to this site, so it’s very difficult find them elsewhere.

What about the Monster Collection?

This includes ALL my decks available. It will be updated in future with new releases. of course if a deck will be sold out, it will be removed from the bundle.

I prefer a customized bundle, can I ask for it?

I can assist you! Write me at giovanni@thirdway.it

This page was different before, right?

Yes, in the past the Collection Starters used to be random. The new organization of this website does not support random bundles very well, so I’ve modified the structure a little.

Do you have any hints for new collectors?

Our friends at Playing Card Decks prepared a very detailed guide for start! Take a look here.