From a personal point of view, 2023 was probably the worst year of my life. At the same time, it’s probably the best year for Thirdway so far, and I am really grateful that the Cards World helped to keep me sane and somehow happy during this extremely difficult year. A huge thank you to all customers, supporters, Patrons, Backers, friends, partners and suppliers.

The most important milestone of the year is probably the Patreon yearly reward improvement, that raised the overall value absurdily with Hybris (3 decks + wooden box) – now the question is how I will top this year in 2024, but that’s a burden for my future self.

In 2023 I released 23 new decks, +2 compared to 2022. Whew!

Here is a quick list of the achievements/releases of the year:

17 January – Damokles Kickstarter

Gathered 52.927 € on KS – 469 Backers – 4 decks

Damokles was the Kickstarter that started 2023, with italian velvet boxes printed by Boschiero&Newton and metallic inks by USPCC.

More on Damokles >>

Evil Deck Black Blood and Good Deck Pink Heaven

The first Patreon reward were two gilded editions of The Evil Deck and The Good Deck, with experimental boxes printed by Boschiero&Newton.

Find out more about Good&Evil >>

21st April – Fantasma Kickstarter

Gathered 70.603 € on KS – 728 Backers – 4 decks

The most successful TWI Kickstarter so far, Fantasma is an experimental project that feature cards printed with invisible ink. Fantasma cards are completely blank unless exposed to a blacklight. Fantasma Duplex, the limited edition, is printed with two different invisible inks.

More on Fantasma >>


An impressive deck with full-bleed gold foiled cards – probably the goldest deck ever! Midas was included as Q2 Patreon reward.

See Midas >>

Nefarious Tales

The other deck included into Patreon Q2 was Nefarious Tales, a an experimental edge printed edition of Wicked Tales with a gorgeous Boschiero&Newton tuck box.

More about Tales >

Monolith Zodiac

Patreon Q3 included Zodiac, a new series of Monolith, designed from scratch and inspired by the 12 Zodiac Signs. The project include 2 decks, Prime and Aurus.

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17th September – Incubo Kickstarter

Gathered €48.662 € on KS – 435 Backers – 3 decks

The last Kickstarter of the year was Incubo: one way illustrated court cards, inspired by my own personal nightmares.

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Hybris is the 2023 Patreon Yearly reward: three different decks (Harmony, Cataclysm, Vengeance), an huge wooden box and a coin. The hugest yearly reward so far!

Find out more about Hybris >

Heartless Elysium

The 2023 Q4 Patreon Deck is Heartless Elysium, the gold gilded edition of Heartless Abyss. Cards printed and gilded by Cartamundi, box by Boschiero&Newton.

Find out more about Heartless >>

Eva Black Rose

The event of 2023 Black Friday, Eva Black Rose is a black gilded edition of Eva Noire, with a gorgeous box printed by B&N with holographic black foil.

Decks released in 2023

Non-decks items released in 2023

huge thank you for all Patrons, Backers and Customers that supported Thirdway Industries in this awesome year!

Now, I’ll do my best to make 2024 worthwhile since it’s my 10th year as a playing cards designer!

Some of the better pics of this page were shot by Chambertincards