Incubo Divoramondo

Incubo Divoramondo


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Divoramondo is the gilded edition of the Incubo series, inspired by nightmares.

  • limited to 975 decks
  • Ultra-red gilding
  • Ultra red hotfoil on card backs
  • Illustrated one-way court cards
  • Box made by luxury reef paper
  • 1 layers of ultra red foil and embossing on the box
  • Inner foil with black
  • Cards are printed by WJPC

In stock

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Incubo is a series of poker playing cards designed by Thirdway Industries, inspired by nightmares, pain and confusion.

Here is a video of the Incubo tuck boxes prototypes:


The project is comprised of two main decks: Incubo Mezzanotte and Incubo Divoramondo. Both are limited editions, but Divoramondo is a gilded Kickstarter Exclusive.

The decks have completely different court cards and Jokers. For example, the KoS of Mezzanotte is the “Lord of Terror”, and the KoS of Divoramondo is the “World-Eater”, the character who names the deck.

Every Incubo Court depicts a different Nightmare: a full-sized, one-way illustration that covers the entire surface of the card. There are 32 distinct characters in this project!

In Incubo, every court card represents a nightmare. These characters are spooky, enigmatic, chaotic, and intentionally ambiguous—leaving all possibilities open for the reader to interpret them for himself.

After all, dreams continually defy perfect understanding, and each dreamer brings his own unique perspective when searching for meaning in a world of bizarre and ever-changing experiences.

The awesome photos on this page are shot by Chris Moyer and Ryan Smith.

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