Fantasma Tomb

Fantasma Tomb


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Fantasma Tomb is the first deck of Fantasma Series.

  • Courts, pips, jokers printed with invisible ink (revealed with a blacklight)
  • Index printed with neon ink (visible in normal condition and fluorescent under blacklight)
  • Gorgeous tuckbox printed by Boschiero&Newton
  • Premium italian matte black paper on box
  • 2 foils on box, iridescent green/blue and black
  • Embossing
  • Fantasma cards are printed by USPCC



In stock

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Fantasma is an unique deck of playing cards almost entirely printed with Invisible ink. Courts, pips, aces and back can be seen only when the deck is exposed to blacklight. The only exception are the index, that are printed with neon ink and are visible under normal light conditions and are fluorescent under blacklight – this feature allow you to play with Fantasma in any light condition.

There are 2 main Fantasma decks: Tomb has a luxury black tuckbox and Spirit has a white holofoiled sleeve (that include another tuckbox, printed with invisible ink!)

Invisible Ink is not perfect/sharp as other inks, so minor imperfections on cards are possible. You can see these clearly in the gallery, the pics are just slightly retouched.


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