GC Flashlight

GC Flashlight

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The GhostCatcher Flashlight is a compact – but powerful – UV Led flashlight, customized with the TWI logo.

  • 365nm flashlight – activates all invisible inks, including the ones on Fantasma Duplex.
  • Extremely powerful
  • Military green box included
  • USB Charger included
  • Batteries NOT needed

Useful to reveal the UV secrets of some TWI decks or activate the fluorescent neon inks.

Only 11 left in stock

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A premium 365nm flashlight. Extremely powerful, reveals ALL the Invisible inks. Include a box and a charger. Perfect for professional Ghost Sweepers.

In 2022 I’ve released a TWI Flashlight. It was great and powerful, but it had a frequency that works only on certain inks (395nm).

So I made a new flashlight, even more powerful than the previous one, 365nm – despite the lower number, it’s better: it activates all the invisible inks and it’s even more powerful than my previous one.

Plus, the GhostCatcher Flashlight is included into a green military box that protects it from Evil Ghosts and a charger. It does not need batteries to operate.

The GhostCatcher Flashlight activates all TWI decks including Fantasma Duplex. The old TWI Flashlight activates all TWI decks, including Fantasma Spirit and Tomb but NOT Fantasma Duplex.

Blacklight reactive TWI Decks

A lot of Thirdway Industries decks have UV-reactive features, like Neon Ink or Invisible ink.

Neon ink became fluorescent when exposed to blacklight. Invisible Ink is not visible in normal light conditions and is visible only when exposed to blacklight. The invisible ink used by USPCC is light blue.

The series with UV-reactive features are: Black Market, Lunatica, Modern Idols, Monolith  and the upcoming series Fantasma.

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