Nefarious Tales

Nefarious Tales


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Nefarious Tales is included into Q2 reward of 2023 TWI Patreon

Nefarious Tales is an EE experimental gilded edition of Tales series. It’s masterfully gilded in Italy with a new “Lacquered” Edge Printing.


  • Eternal Edition (EE) – This deck is mainly reserved to TWI Patrons.
  • Lacquered Edge Printing w/metallic green by Doliberg (Italy) – Read below
  • Box manufactured by Boschiero&Newton
  • Made by italian violet paper, embossing and 2 layers of foil (pale green and gold).
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Top quality Metallic Inks
  • 2 Alternative Court Cards with different characters!
  • Made in around 600 copies

Court cards are a lot of different antagonists of the most popular fairy tales, like Capt. Hook, witches, giants and orcs.

In stock

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Lacquered edge printing is an experimental way to edge print decks offered by Doliberg in Italy. It’s edge printing (Ink) but it’s treated in a way that looks like foil.

  • The main feature of this process is that the ink (should) be extremely more durable than foil and it should not influence the handling of the deck.
  • The ink looks very metallic and it’s awesome to see: it seems foil!
  • From a creator point of view, pick a specific gilding color was impossible. This process allow me to pick exactly the color I want – in this case, the same metallic green used on the cards.

Cards preview

Here is a list of the courts included:


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