Omnia Magnifica

Omnia Magnifica


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  • Dark brown/gold Stardust Paper tuck box
  • Gold foil + Red Foil Outside – Gold Foil inside
  • 2 metallic inks on faces, bronze and gold
  • Limited edition (999 decks printed)
  • 55 cards, including a bronze suicide queen
  • Embossing
  • Classic finish
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

🏆 Awards won by this deck:

United Cardists 2016 Deck of the year – Best overall deck (third place), Best crowdfunding project (first place), Best Jokers (first place), Best courts (second place), Best pips (second place), Best Gaff Cards (second place), Best Uncut (second place). – See the page

Only 10 left in stock

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Omnia Magnifica represents the legendary, remote past of the Omnia Universe, full of God and Heroes. When everything started.

The main Omnia theme is cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return. The main symbol is the Uroboros, the immortal God-snake who eats its own tail, represents the beginning and the end of time.

Based on the ancestors of the first Omnia, decks of Omnia: The Golden Age will throw you in an Era full of treasures, heroes and war. Suits are inspired by ancient civilizations: Hearts are inspired by Egyptians, Spades are inspired by Babylonians and Persians, Clubs are inspired by Greeks and Diamonds are inspired by Romans.

Every court live a different era in each deck: in Magnifica they are ancient heroes, forgotten in the remote past. In Antica they live an era of abundance and wealth. In Perduta they are preparing to fight a huge war, that will end the Golden Age and will throw the world in the present, represented by Omnia Oscura of the Omnia: The First series.


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