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Hybris Overview

Hybris is a series of poker playing cards designed by Thirdway Industries, inspired by African and Mayan designs. It tells a story of an ancient tribe.

As 2023 Patreon reward, Hybris is NOT available for purchase normally.

The three decks are Harmony, Cataclysm and Vengeance, with completely different artwork.

The story is about Itzamma, an Almighty God of Creation that turns against the tribe of mortals he created.

The court cards are characters that evolve through the three decks.

Hybris decks are included into a big, ebony box carved with circular ideograms.

Hybris decks are all gilded with different colors – Harmony: Green, Cataclysm: Black, Vengeance: Red.

Every deck has a different background color.

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