Fantasma Extreme

Fantasma Extreme


Fantasma Extreme is the limited deck of Fantasma Revenant Series.

  • Less than 1000 made! Sealed and numbered.
  • Courts, pips, jokers printed with invisible ink (revealed with a blacklight)
  • Extreme has 4 different colors of invisible ink! Red, Aqua, Blue and Orange.
  • Gold holographic hotfoil on back
  • Holographic gold foil on box
  • Pearlescent paper on tuckbox
  • Printed by Kingstar
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Fantasma Extreme tuckbox and cards previews:



Fantasma Extreme is the limited deck of the “Fantasma Revenant” project, printed by WJPCC. The cards are completely blank and revealed with an UV Blacklight. The cards are printed with 4 different invisible colors.



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