Egoism Ivory

Egoism Ivory


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Egoism Ivory is the sequel of Egoism Rust, the official deck of Thirdway Industries.

  • Metallic copper background on all cards!
  • “Not-so standard” courts
  • Copper metallic ink on tuckbox and cards
  • 4 Jokers, inspired by tarots
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Traditional cut

In stock


Egoism is the “not-so-standard” deck of Thirdway Industries. The courts are fully custom, but resemble the classic playing cards.

The “Ivory” version has a pearl-white tuckbox with copper accents. The cards have a copper background:

The Card back is pearl-white and copper:

Jokers are inspired by Tarots

Aces and Pips are fully custom.

Pips are simple and big, perfect for play and magic.


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