Monolith Sagittarius

Monolith Sagittarius


Only 5 left in stock

Monolith Sagittarius is the yearly reward of TWI Patreon 2021, Eternal Edition (EE).

Sagittarius is the blackest Monolith. An experimental EE that features a black tuck box printed only with a layer of UV spot ink and black gilding. The cards are the same as the Singularity/Horizon editions.


  • Eternal Edition (EE) – This deck is mainly reserved to TWI Patrons.
  • Black Gilding!
  • Holographic Flood Foil on both sides
  • Tuck box with embossing and 1 layer of black UV
  • Reacts under blacklight – neon inks became fluorescent and the holographic foil reflects the blacklight, with a crazy effect. Check the gallery!
  • Sealed and Numbered
  • Limited Edition, just 500 made
  • Printed by EPCC / Gambler’s Warehouse

This deck was available only for the Patrons who stayed for the whole year. It was never possible purchase it on its own, so it’s extremely rare.

Only 5 left in stock


This deck is named after Sagittarius A*, the Black Hole at the center of the Milkyway, our Galaxy. It’s also strongly related to the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, which is also represented as a Joker.

The Cards of Monolith Sagittarius

Monolith is probably the most holographic series ever created, with metallic and neon inks printed directly on holographic flood foil.

Flood foil is extremely colorful, bright, reflecive and dense.

When exposed to blacklight, the colors explode, with violet reflections and fluorescence.

The story of Monolith Singularity / Horizon

Monolith Singularity is the direct sequel of Monolith Campaign. The story of this deck will explain what happened to the Space Gods after they left the Universe.

After the flood, the life was coming back on the Planets.

They watched them evolve, again. They hoped this time, the mortals would not disappoint them. But as usual, they did.

The Goddess of Fauna was furious. She raised her hand, ready to unleash her reset over the Universe.

The other Gods sent fire, meteors, ice – they wiped out the planets completely, but somehow, something always survived.

However, a reset from the truly creator of life could have end it permanently.

For the first time, the Space Gods felt fear, knowing that the Universe would have been void and empty. Forever.

The God who marked everything with Death was the only one who stood up against her sister. No one knows why he did that.

The Gods were changing. They were starting to care, and this was unexpected and dangerous. The God of Void was the first to realize they had to leave the Universe.

The God of Solid created some magnificent Structures, using parts of his own body.

The Goddess of Liquid improved the work of her brother. She levigated the Structures and infused them with her blood.

The God of Atmosphere completed the work with his breath.

However, the Structures were motionless. They needed a huge amount of energy to be turned on.

The God of Light refused to waive a part of his power.

Also the Goddess of Heat didn’t want use her flames to turn the structures on.

It was the God of Gravity that used his unlimited strength to activate them.

The Structures were huge and dangerous: they started to grow uncontrollably, eating planets and stars.

The Goddess of Absolute Zero limit their growth with a veil of Ice.

The Structures were Portals. Gates for go far, far away.

Before leave, the God of Intellect threw an handful of sand over the Universe, leaving a part of his knowledge as a legacy for the mortals. Every grain of that sand was a Monolith.

Then, the Space Gods went across the Portals, leaving the Universe forever.

Mortals cannot reach, nor understand, the Portals.

However, a part of the sand threw by the God of Intellect passed through a Portal, bearing a part of its knowledge.

Some Space Gods were unhappy with the life beyond the Portal. The God of Flora, Fauna, Light, Heat and Intellect were planning to leave.

The God of Eternity forced the God of Gravity and the Goddess of Absolute Zero to create a new Space God against his siblings. His name was Sagittarius.

Sagittarius was extremely destructive – the legend says he was planning to devour the entire Universe. Even the almighty Space Gods were scared.

The God of Intellect had a solution: he asked Flora and Fauna to generate an Entity to contrast Sagittarius. Their daughter, Terra, is the Universe last chance.

The knowledge of the Monoliths ends here.

Space Gods were never seen again in the Universe – they disappeared? Or they’re just waiting?

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