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BM Crypto


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Project BM, aka The Black Market, is a libertarian, secret trade company that sells extraordinary items to its members. Crypto is the gilded, limited edition made for TWI Patrons.


  • Eternal Edition (EE) – This deck is mainly reserved to TWI Patrons.
  • An unique red/holographic pixelated gilding
  • Custom tuckbox printed with letterpress and red foil on one side and red inner foil
  • Sealed and numbered, limited to around 800 decks
  • High quality gold metallic ink on box and cards
  • Transparent UV details on cards, visible only with a blacklight!
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Traditionally cut
  • 100% custom

🔦 Hidden symbols – This deck include some details on box, back and cards that can be revealed only with a blacklight.

🔑 Password System – warning! this deck is reachable only with a password that can be reset anytime. Buy it while you can!

Project BM is temporarily accessible without a password.

⚠️ – This product have an unnatural high price since it’s supposed to be included only in bundles and special moments of the year.  Its “normal” value, inlcuded into bundles, is $120.

For its themes, Black Market is suggested for mature audience. Pics by Ryan Smith

In stock


Hello, Member! Here is our sales brochure, summarized into a pratical item: a premium deck of playing cards.

This deck include some hidden (completely invisible) details, that will be revealed only with a blacklight. Check the KoH below:

The details are not just a decoration: they reveal part of the lore and story of the mysterious Black Market Secret Society. Check carefully!

Every element of the deck is reactive to blacklight: courts, pips, aces, back… even the box!

UV ink apart, Black Market also features an awesome gold metallic ink.

The password system

Black Market can only be purchased with a password, given to certain people. If you are there, it means you had the password or someone gave it to you.

However, after some time the password will be reset and shared with another group of people. This will make the deck a little more elusive and difficult to get.
Plus, everytime the password is reset, the deck price may increase.

Long story short: the access you have here is limited, buy as many as you want, since tomorrow Black Market could be more expensive, or locked.

All members are strongly encouraged to share the password in any way possible, to allow other people to purchase Black Market.

Some of the secrets, revealed.

Every suit of Black Market is a product category: Spades sell Weapons, Hearts sell Love, Clubs sell Medicine and Diamonds sell Money.

What is the story behind Black Market?
Black Market deck is the official deck of a fictional secret trade society, whose target is to make a lot of money selling extraordinary items to members.

Who is the SalesMan?
He is the owner of Black Market. And your best friend.

Black Market is bad?
Despite the malicious nature of the deck, the main themes of this project are capitalism, nihilism, freedom and money. So, the answer should be “no”.

Does this deck promote illegal stuff?
In fictional terms, yes. In real terms, absolutely not.

Can I contact The SalesMan?
If you are wealthy, the SalesMan will contact you.

How much does a bottle of Panacea Blanc cost?
About the price of an aircraft carrier.

Can I have the number of the Twin Queen?
Sure thing! It’s 1704831717GG.


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