Casino Paradiso Tyche No Seal

Casino Paradiso Tyche No Seal


This deck is a Patreon Exclusive, included in TWI Patreon Q2 of 2024 (Apr, May, Jun).

A secret edition of the “Casino Paradiso” deck, dedicated to the Goddess of Luck, Tyche. Rumored to be exclusively crafted for the esteemed members of Steeldale’s legendary “Millionaire’s Club”.


  • Eternal Edition (EE) – This deck is mainly reserved to TWI Patrons.
  • Rich gold gilding on cards!
  • Luxury tuckbox made with soft-touch paper
  • 2 Inks + Rich gold hotfoil on tuckbox
  • Rich gold hotfoil on front and back of the cards
  • Classic cards, 100% custom, perfect to play with
  • Printed by WJPCC
  • Only 400 units available!


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Ah, Casino Paradiso – the prime destination in Steeldale for luxury-seekers and high-rollers! Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like it! It’s like stepping into a fairy tale where the champagne flows like water and the slot machines are crafted from gold. And hey, let’s not forget about the dancers! Those gals are hotter than a furnace in a steel mill and will surely bring you luck at the gaming tables. Who knows – you might just leave richer than when you walked in.

Casino Paradiso is a spinoff of the series “The Gentleman Thief” – This deck is not part of “The Gentleman Thief” series directly, but it’s set in the same universe and it’s illustrated with a similar style.


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