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BM Digital, aka Black Market Digital, is the second deck of the Black Market Series, that tells a story of a libertarian, secret trade company. The “Digital” edition is inspired by 2000s Internet.


  • High quality pure silver metallic ink on cards
  • High quality green neon ink (UV reactive!) on box, back and cards
  • Transparent UV details on box, back and cards¬†visible only with a blacklight!
  • Printed by USPCC
  • 100% custom

ūüĒ¶ Hidden symbols – This deck include some details on box, back and cards that can be revealed only with a blacklight.

For its themes, Black Market is suggested for mature audience.


Some of the secrets, revealed.

Every suit of Black Market is a product category: Spades sell Weapons, Hearts sell Love, Clubs sell Medicine and Diamonds sell Money.

What is the story behind Black Market?
Black Market deck is the official deck of a fictional secret trade society, whose target is to make a lot of money selling extraordinary items to members.

Who is the SalesMan?
He is the owner of Black Market. And your best friend.

Black Market is bad?
Despite the malicious nature of the deck, the main themes of this project are capitalism, nihilism, freedom and money. So, the answer should be ‚Äúno‚ÄĚ.

Does this deck promote illegal stuff?
In fictional terms, yes. In real terms, absolutely not.

Can I contact The SalesMan?
If you are wealthy, the SalesMan will contact you.


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