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Frequently Asked Questions

When these orders will be shipped?

All the decks are ready to be shipped: these are not preorders! Usually, Gambler’s Warehouse ship within 3 business days from the order.

When these offer will expire?

All offers on this page can be removed without notice, so if you see something you like, don’t wait. 

If I want to buy several decks, can you give me a discount?

The prices on this store are already good, but if you’re looking for bricks… write me at giovanni@thirdway.it.

If you have questions, write me at giovanni@thirdway.it

This store’s orders cannot be refunded – check carefully before you buy!

Coupon codes cannot be allpied after an order is made. However, if you had one but you forgot to use it, contact me at giovanni@thirdway.it and I will give you a credit code.