Pantheon no seal

Pantheon no seal

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  • 55 cards, including an extra gaff joker, Persephone
  • Purple and gold foil outside the box and red foil inside
  • Embossing
  • Classic finish
  • Premium soft touch dark blue paper
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.

Only 48 left in stock

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A review by Magic Orthodoxy


Pantheon is a limited deck from Thirdway Industries, with a luxurious tuck box and gold foil on card backs. I consider it a spin off of Dedalo, and all the court cards are Greek Gods.


Pantheon deck is the most luxurious produced so far by Thirdway Industries. It uses a premium soft touch dark blue paper with purple and gold foil on outside and red foil on inside.


All the cards are gold foiled on back, and the color scheme dramatically change if it’s put in directly sunlight. For example, here is a pic in plain light:


And the same cards with a different light:


The story of Pantheon is the story of the Greek Gods. Spades are Jack Ares, Queen Hera and King Zeus. Hearts are Jack Dionysus, Queen Aphrodite and King Hades. Clubs are Jack Hermes, Queen Athena and King Poseidon. Diamonds are Jack Hephaestus, Queen Demeter and King Apollo. Jokers are Helios (Sun) and Artemis (Moon).


There is also a third-gaff joker, Persephone. She’s the Queen of Hell, wife of Hades on one side and the Queen of Spring, daughter of Demeter on the other.


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