TWI Goodies

TWI Goodies

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A “random” collection of stickers and pins from Thirdway Industries. You will receive 10 items – most of these different. There are 7 designs available and the fulfillment center should pick one each, so you should get 7 different items + 3 doubles. This is not guaranteed since items are limited and they can go sold out. First come, first served 🙂

These are the items available:

  • Order Rachel Pin
  • TWI Vanity Pin
  • Lunatica Chimera Holographic sticker
  • Betrayers Fallen Angel big sticker
  • TWI Vanity Big Sticker
  • Fear Holo Sticker
  • Hope Holo Sticker
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These items were a gift for Patrons in 2020. If you have a strong preference over an item, order this product and contact me via email at – I’ll try to put more copies of that specific item in your order! Not guaranteed, but we can try 🙂


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