Order Occultus

Order Occultus


Only 73 left in stock

Temporarily discounted!

⚠️ – This product have an unnatural high price since it’s supposed to be included only in bundles and special moments of the year. It’s “normal” value, inlcuded into bundles, is $40.

Occultus is a special deck, reserved to Order Upper Party. It’s not available for retail (not with a normal price, at least). If you are interested in it, subscribe the newsletter and wait – there may be ways to acquire it.

Order Occultus is the secret limited edition deck of the Order Series. It will include the same cards of Electus, with a different black box with gold metallic ink.

Order Occultus includes partial nudity and strong themes. Suggested for adult audience. 

🏆 Awards won by this deck:

United Cardists 2019 Deck of the year – Best deck overall (honorable mention), Best extra cards (first place), Best courts (third place) – See the page

Only 73 left in stock

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“You might have heard something about Occultus. We wanted to reassure you that no important secrets are included in this deck. Like Electus, it’s just another deception by our enemies of the Revolutio. However, investigate on it or own it is forbidden: don’t do that.”

– The Leader

The first version of Electus was called Occultus. More simple but rarer, it features the same cards of Electus with a black tuckbox printed with gold metallic ink.

Notes on Order Occultus:

  • Occultus is a backup plan I have made for prevent unavoidable production issues.
  • There will be very few units of it and I have decided to reserve them for preorder only.
  • [update] for technical reasons I had to make this product available for include it into certain bundles. This is the reason you see it available, but with a super high price.
  • Order Occultus won’t be available for direct purchase. Never. It may will be available only in certain bundles, promotions or as a gift.
  • Occultus doesn’t have a real retail value: the $40 is an indication, since it won’t be ever sold.
  • Occultus have the same cards as Electus, only the tuckbox is different.
  • If you pledged for a Box, you have 3 Occultus included in your pledge.

Occultus Features:

  • Same cards as Order Electus LE
  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Superb Metallic Inks on cards and tuck
  • 4 different Ad Cards instead Jokers
  • Limited Edition, around 200 Units
  • This deck reveals carefully guarded secrets of the Order

+++ Forbidden Information – reading below this point is a criminal offence +++

The information included in Electus is classified and not suitable to be revealed to commoners. Keep this deck in a safe place!

Ministry of Power

Electus JoS - Enemy Soldier
Electus JoS – Enemy Soldier

We hold the real power of the Order; we are Gods among Men. Our Powers are limited only by our Desires.

Ministry of Slavery

Electus QoH - The Black Bride
Electus QoH – The Black Bride

The people are our servants, the cattle of the Nation. We must keep them healthy, numerous, and ignorant in order to ensure a willing and industrious labor population.

Ministry of Violence

Electus QoC - ?
Electus QoC – ?

Any subversive subject needs to be educated. With chains, fists and batons. And when they finally love us, we get rid of them forever.

Ministry of Lies

Electus JoD - The Star
Electus JoD – The Star

We are the ones who give the people something to believe in. Heroes, games, ideas, enemies, products. As long as they believe in something, they won’t ask questions. And that’s good.

Electus Advertising cards

Electus includes exquisite Advertising Cards too.

Electus Ad Card - Black Magic Elixir
Electus Ad Card – Black Magic Elixir

Those are reserved to the upper party members, so they include the most exclusive products of our Nation, not available for commoners.


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