Italia Magica

Italia Magica


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⚠️ – This product have an unnatural high price since it’s supposed to be included only in bundles and special moments of the year. It’s “normal” value, inlcuded into bundles, is $40.

Italia Magica is the fourth, secret deck from Italia Divina Series, about the wonders and the secrets of Italy.


  • Same cards of Italia Divina, different tuckbox.
  • USPCC Silver Metalluxe on Backs!
  • Limited Edition, ??? made (around 500)
  • Black tuck box with 2 metallic inks
  • Every court card is a female Goddess that represent an Italian city
  • Pip cards include a hints, locations and secrets about Italy
  • Plenty of metallic ink on tuckbox and cards
  • Pure silver ink background on all face cards
  • 56 cards – Include 3 jokers, 1 explanation card
  • Perfect for travel or discover Italy
  • Printed in USA by USPCC


In stock


Notes on Italia Magica:

  • Italia Magica is a backup plan I have made for prevent unavoidable production issues.
  • There will be very few units of it and I have decided to reserve them for preorder only.
  • [update] for technical reasons I had to make this product available for include it into certain bundles. This is the reason you see it available, but with a super high price.
  • Italia Magica won’t be available for direct purchase. Never. After the current preorder, it will be available only in certain bundles, promotions or as a gift.
  • Italia Magica doesn’t have a real retail value: the $40 is an indication.
  • Magica have the same cards as Divina, only the tuckbox is different.
  • If you pledged for a Box on Kickstarter campaign, one Magica will be included as a gift.

Italia Magica is the secret deck of the series. Only few will printed, and I won’t know the final number until the project will be printed. They will be around 500, anyways.

Italia Magica includes twelve of the most famous cities of Italy, all of which are already included in Radiosa or Segreta.

Italia Divina includes Roma, Milano, Firenze, Napoli, Venezia, and Torino.

About Italia Divina Series

Italia Divina is a series of poker playing cards that includes landmarks, stories, and secrets of Italy. There are three decks in this series: Italia Radiosa (Red), Italia Segreta (Green) and Italia Divina Limited Edition (White/Silver). Combined, they form the Italian Flag.

The courts are all custom and completely different in each deck, here is an example of the King of Spades:

Radiosa and Segreta have similar, complementary back designs, perfect for using them together. Divina has a different, more ethereal design in shining silver on white.

Each unique pip card features a beautiful location or reveals a hidden secret about Italy, the Land of Beauty. Here is an example:

These decks make the perfect travel companions for an Italian vacation, helping you discover and explore the many mysteries of Italy.

All decks are designed with functionality in mind; neither hints nor design will compromise playability in any way.


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