Heroic Tales

Heroic Tales


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Heroic Tales is the first deck of the Tales series. Include a lot of different heroes inspired by the most popular fairy tales, like Red Riding Hood, The Puss in Boots and the Charming Prince.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Top quality Metallic Inks
  • 2 Alternative Court Cards with different characters!
  • 2500 units

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Tales is a series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, inspired by Fairy Tales, Fables, and Fantasy Books. Designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni.

The main purpose of these decks is to offer you a vast array of characters with which to tell and create Fairy Tales, for both kids and adults.

There are three fabulous decks in the Tales series: Heroic TalesArcane Tales and Legendary Tales (experimental limited edition).

All decks are fully custom and completely different. Here are the card backs:

The court cards of Heroic and Arcane are completely different characters; the courts of Legendary are asymmetric and tell a story on their own. Here are the QoH included in each deck:

Bella (left) is the Heroic QoH; the Wicked Queen Stepmother/Old Witch (center) is the Legendary QoH and the Narcoleptic Princess is the Arcane QoH.

Heroic Tales includes a variety of heroes: some are valiant and brave; others are simply pure of heart.

Spades –

Spades – Royal Heroes

He is the valiant, handsome, strong fellow who is best known for saving multiple Princesses. Will he marry them all?

This Princess doesn’t need to be saved; she has defeated countless enemies with her stunning beauty and her sharp sword.

Hearts – Brave Heroes

The Miller is disappointed when he receives a Kitten as a gift. It doesn’t take long for him to change his mind, however–the Kitten is no ordinary friend!

A King, ready to sacrifice himself for the greater good. He challenges villains of all kinds and sizes.

Clubs – Forest Heroes

Abandoned in the woods, they find a house made of delicious sweets. Unfortunately, the House isn’t empty…

The champion of the forest, savior of ladies and slayer of evil. In his spare time, he’s also a lumberjack.

Diamonds – People’s Heroes

Tasked with delivering goods to her granny, she finds herself stalked by an Evil Wolf.

This wealthy fashion-lover can afford the most luxurious wardrobe. He may have excellent taste in clothing, but his vanity leads him astray.

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