Fear Coin

Fear Coin


Only 66 left in stock

The second coin of Modern Idols, dedicated to the God of Fear.


  • Solid Copper with ancient finish
  • Limited Edition, just 200 coins made
  • Size 2″
  • Made by Coins for Anything

Only 66 left in stock

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Fear and Hope are generous, and they forged some coins with their effigy to inspire, reward and bribe their favourite mortals. Of course, as you probably realized, the New Gods love nihilist donations, so you can win their favor (and their coins) donating cold hard cash.

Coins are blessed by the Gods themselves. Hope Coin has the power to realize mortal’s dreams, and Fear Coin protect mortals from the bad luck.

Idols love the Coins of the Gods. They respect and bless the mortals who bring them, and they’re eager to receive those as donations.

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