Order Utopian Coin

Order Utopian Coin


Only 8 left in stock

Utopian Coin is the Coin of the Order series.


  • Size 2″
  • Ancient Gold Finish
  • Detailed and heavy
  • Made by Coins for Anything


Only 8 left in stock

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The Utopian Coin is an high-valued token made for Upper Party members. It’s a 2″, heavy coin with a Ancient Gold Finish.

The Utopian Coin is not just a coin: Made by high quality materials from far away lands, it’s often used as an identification badge for the noble members of the Upper Party.

This coin is considered a legend by commoners. Everyone speak about it, but just few had the chance to see one in person.

It’s said that own this coin can save your life: Protectors won’t dare attack a Citizen who have it – however, own one illegally is very dangerous.

The value of Utopian Coin is incredibly high – it worth several years of work of a normal citizen.

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