Heaven’s Gift

Heaven’s Gift


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Heaven’s Gift is the gilded edition of Apoteosi. More rare and luxurious than Apoteosi, it features a beautiful holographic gilding on cards and a premium tuckbox.


  • Holographic gilding on cards
  • Full-bleed holograpic foiled backs
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • 2 layers of foil on tuckbox
  • Embossing on tuckbox
  • Custom seal
  • Limited and Numbered (around 800)
  • Metallic inks on card faces
  • 4 Jokers

In stock


A review of Apoteosi by The Card Guy

The suits of Apoteosi reflect the suits of Apocalisse in reverse. Spades represent Justice, Hearts represent Peace, Clubs represent Life, and Diamonds represent Abundance.

“After seven years of War, the Armies of Hell had conquered the World and turned their attention to an invasion of Heaven.”

The last line of defense was the Guardian, the Gatekeeper of Heaven with a shield made from the Sun. When the True Prophet killed the Dragon, she was almost defeated by the overwhelming forces of the Demon’s Army.

 “Heal the World”

After the Cataclysm, the Earth was sick, and heavy with corpses. The Almighty assigned a Demon to Purge the World. The Demon cleansed the entire earth, leaving a clean, barren slate.

Then, a beautiful Angel descended from the Sky, bearing a tiny seed. She planted the seed in the desert, and the Earth flourished again.

An Archangel was sent with the power of the Almighty to shape living beings from the earth. The first creature he made was a beautiful green Snake; the last was the First Man.

The First Man was the King of the Earth, but he was alone. Seeing the Man so sad and lost, the Archangel plucked a rib from the Man’s chest and created the First Woman.

The Archangel gifted the First Woman with a fragment of his power. Then, he left the World forever.

“Satisfaction and happiness”

The Demon of Wealth whispered in the Mortals’ ears: “You have your body, your life, but nothing else. Ask for more.”


The Almighty listened to the Mortals’ prayers, and sent a Golden Angel, dressed in Red, to turn flowers into fruits and fill the fields with wheat. She planted a beautiful Apple Tree and forbade Mortals from its fruit.


However, man does not live by bread alone, so the Almighty sent an Archangel to teach the Mortals how to rebuild civilization. Under his guidance, Men and Women multiplied and populated the Earth once again.

“Lend a hand to your brothers and sisters”

The Demon of Courage gave a gift and a burden to Mortals: he taught them how to face their fears and exceed their limits.

To prevent another cataclysm, an Angel was sent to teach Mortals to live in harmony.

However, Peace and Prosperity are not easy to keep. The Almighty sent an Archangel to teach that Good requires effort, pain, and sacrifice.

 “Order or freedom?”

The Demon of Knowledge revealed forbidden secrets to Mortals.

The Angel of Justice was sent to teach that every action has a consequence. Infused with the Power of Lightning, she frightened Mortals into choosing the right way.

One Archangel did not agree. He knew that true freedom means that rules must be allowed to be broken. Without the Almighty’s consent, he taught Mortals how to be Free.

At last, the World was healed, and Mortals were complete. The Celestials and the Infernals left Mortals alone on the new Eden they had created.

From the Sky, the most beautiful of all the Archangels was watching.

Will the story repeat itself?

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