Need a custom order? Ask me!

On there are a lot bundles and offers, but sometimes you need something tailored only for you.

In those years, I’ve had several custom requests about my decks, and since I think it’s a service I really believe in, I’ve decided to officialize it with this page.

How I can ask a custom bundle?

For ask me something specific, you just need to send me an email to with your request.

The main requests I’m expecting are:

  • Custom bundles of unlimited and limited items
  • Signature editions, shipped from Italy
  • Orders shipped via courier

Here are more details on the things you can ask me:

Custom bundles

If you want to purchase a Thirdway Industries custom bundle, contact me ( listing the items you’re interested in.

You can nominate anything but, of course, permanently sold out items.

Unlimited or limited decks, with and without seal, coins, statues, uncut sheets are all eligible.

I will reply, usually in 48 hours, telling you if the bundle you asked is available – some items, of course, might be unavailable for bundles or will need specific conditions to be purchased.

If it’s available, I will give you also a custom price, that will be usually lower than the retail – sometimes, when I have certain conditions, I can give you a proper special offer.

I can evaluate every request, but usually it’s better ask me at least a bundle of 6 decks.

Signature Editions

If you are an hardcore collector and you want signed decks, I can ship them from Italy to you. This is a much more complex and expensive process, because I have to pay shipping (and import taxes) twice, and I have to mail your order personally.

Since envelopes from Italy are perfect for 2 decks, I am usually happier to ship 2 (or multiples of 2) decks, instead of one.

When you order a Signature edition, I will also fill the envelope with extra, signed stuff as much as I can, so all Signature packages also will include extras.

If you wish a Signature package from Italy, contact me listing the deck(s) you wish signed and your country. I will tell you if I have availability, and the total of the decks plus shipping.

Orders shipped via courier

If you need fast worldwide shipping, I can use a courier. Usually those are much more fast (usually 3 days delivery), but also much more expensive. Usually the fee for a courier is around 50 USD. Contact me telling me your country and the numbers of decks you need to ship via courier and I will give you a link for upgrade to courier.

Courier is better on big orders, 6-13 decks. The cost is fixed, so ship 6-12 decks have the same cost to ship 1-2.

On huge orders (20+ decks) I use courier automatically, without asking extra fees.

If you live in the USA, you don’t need I ship with courier: orders will be very fast anyways 🙂

I hope this service is interesting!

Thank you and have a great day!