Funded on Kickstarter on July 2016, Dedalo is a series inspired by greek mythology and labyrinths.

It’s designed by Giovanni Meroni and proudly printed by Expert Playing Cards Co. with Classic Finish.

There are 3 decks of Dedalo:

  • Dedalo Alpha, aqua foil on blue Stardust Paper
  • Dedalo Omega, gold foil on red Stardust Paper
  • Dedalo Apeiron(Limited Edition), blue and gold foil on black Stardust Paper

All version have different tuckboxes, faces and back.


  • 100% Illustrated courts, aces and jokers
  • Custom pips
  • Classic intricate & clean design with perfect symmetry
  • Based on Greek Mythology
  • Beautiful queens
  • Foiled tuck box, both inside and outside
  • Every deck includes an extra court that represent a God of Olympus

An explanation on the main theme




Dedalo is strongly inspired by Greek Mythology and tells the story of many characters of the Ancient Greece. The Minotaur Asterion, the dark hero Theseus, the beautiful Ariadne and, of course, Dedalo, the genius: he built the Labyrinth, the main location of the story. In Italian, Dedalo is a synonym of “Labyrinth”.

The deck is high-detailed, full of hidden meanings and with accurate references to Mythology.

Dedalo Alpha and Dedalo Omega tells the past and the future of the same story. Dedalo Alpha show the part when the Minotaur and Theseus haven’t fight yet, Ariadne is going to help Theseus with her red thread, and Icarus and King Aegeus are alive. In Dedalo Omega, Theseus defeated Minotaur and abandoned Ariadne, King Minos is angry with Dedalo and imprisoned he and his family into the labyrinth. He managed to fly away with wax wings – but his son, Icarus, flew too high and and his wings were melted by the Sun, Helios. Aegeus thinks Theseus was killed by Minotaur, so he’s commiting suicide.

The Gods are different in each Dedalo Deck. In Dedalo Alpha we Have Hermes (JoS), Aphrodite (QoS) and Poseidon (KoS), plus an extra JoS (Apollo). In Dedalo Omega we have Dionysus (JoS), Athena (QoS) and Helios (KoS), plus an extra QoS (Artemis). In Dedalo Apeiron we have Ares (JoS), Hera (QoS) and Zeus (KoS), plus an extra Kos (Hades).