Thirdway Day 2021 is over! Thank you for the awesome support!

Expiring soon!

Thirdway Day special offers

Conquerors Vendetta

SINS Reborn


Various Deals

Collection Starter Discount
Collection Starter Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

A huge sale for celebrate Thirdway Day (17/04) – There are a lot of offers and new releases (Conquerors Vendetta and SINS Reborn). Plus, I have also temporarily resurrected the “Consumerism Shrine” Deals.

What are the Consumerism Shrine deals?

This is a special store where super-special deals will be published randomly 🤑. The prices will be constantly reduced over time, but there are very few items available, often only one. So, if you see a deal you like, you should buy it as fast as you can. Yes, it’s cruel and nihilistic, but so it’s life. 😈

How and when the Consumerism Deals price will be reduced?

Randomly. Some items may be reduced twice in one hour. Others will stay with the same price for a week and then have a huge discount. Some deals may also disappear without notice.

Why some items are so expensive?

This store often includes some super-limited items that are not usually available. Those items will start with an high price that will be reduced over time – if someone else won’t buy it first, of course 😏.

When those orders will be shipped?

The website now ship the orders automatically, usually within few days from the purchase.

When these offer will expire?

All offers on this page can be removed without notice, so if you see something you like, don’t wait.

What are the “Collection Starters”?

I made these bundles for “new collectors” – are really cheap and the best way to start a TWI collection.

If you have questions, write me at

Important – due to the nature of this store, those deals can’t be refunded – every sale is final. Be careful and double check the price before buy.

Coupon codes cannot be applied after an order is made. However, if you had one but you forgot to use it, contact me at and I will give you a credit code.