Tyche Uncut Sheet

Tyche Uncut Sheet


An uncut sheet of Casino Paradiso Tyche. The artwork is the same of Casino Paradiso Starlet, but the hotfoil on the front and the back of the cards is different: Tyche uses rich gold foil, Starlet uses pink/copper foil.

  • Printed on both sides (backs on one side, faces on the other)
  • Hotfoil on front and back (Rich Gold)
  • Sold without frame
  • Printed by WJPC
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Ah, Casino Paradiso – the prime destination in Steeldale for luxury-seekers and high-rollers! Trust me, you’ve never seen anything like it! It’s like stepping into a fairy tale where the champagne flows like water and the slot machines are crafted from gold. And hey, let’s not forget about the dancers! Those gals are hotter than a furnace in a steel mill and will surely bring you luck at the gaming tables. Who knows – you might just leave richer than when you walked in.

Casino Paradiso is a spinoff of the series “The Gentleman Thief” – This deck is not part of “The Gentleman Thief” series directly, but it’s set in the same universe and it’s illustrated with a similar style.

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