Poison Belladonna

Poison Belladonna


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Poison is a series about alchemy, pharmacy and poisons. Settled in a fictional America of 1921. Belladonna is the second deck of the series, focused on holographic mylar foil.


  • Card backs and tuck box are printed on an holographic layer of mylar foil!
  • Embossing and premium paper on tuckbox
  • Printed by LPCC
  • Purple tuck box interior
  • Viper finish on cards
  • 2 Jokers inspired by 1920s ads for alcohol and other beverages.
  • Not-so-standard: 100% custom, perfect for play or magic!
  • Pink background on face cards and metallic inks.
  • Sealed and Numbered
  • 1500 units made

This edition was made for Poison Kickstarter only. Not available for website purchase.

In stock

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Poison review by The Card Guy

The Poison Series

Belladonna main feature is the full-bleed holographic mylar foil on card backs and tuckbox, overprinted with pink and violet ink.

There are three decks in the Poison series: Aspis is the unlimited deck, printed by USPCC. Belladonna is the limited edition (1500) printed by LPCC.  Kingslayer is a gilded, limited edition (printed in max 888 copies), Kickstarter exclusive!

The Aspis/Kingslayer and Belladonna card backs share the same design, but completely different colors and effects:

Poison resembles the classic playing cards, so the courts are similar between the decks – although the color scheme is completely different.

The court cards represent poisoners or poisoned victims. Actually, every court could be both.

Poison Jokers are ad-cards for the various poisons. These are inspired by 1920s ads for alcohol and other beverages.


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