Order Revolutio

Order Revolutio


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Order Revolutio is the second deck of the Order Series.


  • Printed by USPCC
  • Bicycle Stock
  • Superb Metallic Inks
  • 4 different Ad Cards instead Jokers
  • 2500 decks printed

ūüŹÜ Awards won by this deck:

United Cardists 2019 Deck of the year – Best deck overall (honorable mention), Best extra cards (first place), Best courts (third place) – See the page

In stock

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This deck is illegally printed by revolutionary terrorists and its possession constitutes a criminal offence. Citizens are required to report sightings of this deck to an officer of the Ministry of Protection immediately.

Good Citizens must be informed, however, of the tactics of our enemies in order to recognize their deceptions. The Ministry of Information has therefore provided the following reproductions of this deck in order to educate our People and expose the lies of the rebels.

Spades – Terrorists

Revolutio QoS - The Fighter
Revolutio QoS – The Fighter

Terrorists who dare to oppose us directly. They are extremely dangerous and violent, especially towards innocents. 

The Rebels call them heroes, but they are Cowards. They attempt to challenge the Order with suicidal frontal attacks which always fail spectacularly. They are foolish, disorganized, and reckless.

Hearts – Anarchists

Revolutio QoH - The Paesant
Revolutio QoH – The Paesant

They accuse our perfect organization of oppression, and refuse to accept the Truth: that our people are happy to work for the Magnificence of our Nation!

These dissenters  were once our People, but have chosen to betray the Nation. Glorified by the Rebels, hated by their own People, these Anarchists are outlaws without rights or Citizenship.

Clubs – Snakes

Revolutio KoC - King Cobra
Revolutio KoC – King Cobra

These poisonous snakes hide in the shadows, waiting to attack our Valiant officers. Weak but numerous, they are a constant annoyance to the Ministry of Protection and a  serious menace to our Nation.

All stealthy spies who attempt to destabilize the Order are officially designated “Snakes‚ÄĚ. They are ¬†cowardly saboteurs, but the Ministry of Protection will soon eradicate them forever.

Diamonds – Liars

Revolutio KoD - The Professor
Revolutio KoD – The Professor

Posters, radio broadcasts, hidden messages: Revolutionary Propaganda is a combination of clever misdirection and outright lies. Do not be deceived! Only the Order will give you the Truth.

With their education and their ideas they think they’re smarter and better than you.

Propaganda Cards

Revolutio Propaganda
Revolutio Propaganda

Be wary of these attractive but disingenuous campaigns included in the subversive Revolutio decks.


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