Offering to Idols

Offering to Idols


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Idols are NOT accepting Offerings anymore.

However, you can meet them on Kickstarter, which is even better!


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💸 Prayers are out of date. Offer Idols cold hard cash and receive their blessing.

🥠 The Idols will share their wisdom with your through e-mail.

🎁 Blessing are not just words! Every message include also a gift.

🤞 If you are lucky, you might receive a very special blessing.

🤲 Need a bigger blessing? Purchase this items multiple times!

📦 If your donation is big enough, Idols might send you a physical package.

🤔 Doubts? Read below.

Wtf is this?

This is an offer to New Idols, to celebrate their arrival upon us.

This is serious?

Yes. Donation is real, so do that with responsibility.

What do I get for contributing to the Idols?

Their wisdom, condensed in one sentence wrote specifically for you. And various gifts, especially for great donations.

You mean I can donate more than $1?

Sure! You can donate as much as you want. Just add the Offering to cart multiple times and checkout.

What gift I should expect?

Idols will send you coupon codes of any kind, and sometimes even physical packages.

Can I ask a refund for my offering?

Prayers don’t come with a money back guarantee.

Isn’t this a bit nihilist?

That’s exactly the point.

Disclaimer from the author

This product is a fun way to promote my upcoming series “Idols”, that tells a story about the contemporary, nihilist Idols that people venerates nowdays. This is a game, made to be funny – but the donations are real, so be careful.

I will give you back more than you offered through coupon codes or even physical products (for bigger donations). However, prizes are based by luck.


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