Odissea Saggezza

Odissea Saggezza


Only 10 left in stock

Odissea Saggezza is the first con of Odissea project, dedicated to the Goddess Minerva

  • Solid brass with Ancient gold finish
  • Limited Edition, just 200 coins made
  • Size 2″
  • Made by Coins for Anything

Only 10 left in stock

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Saggezza and Tempesta are the coins of Odissea. They represent Minerva/Ulysses and Neptune/Penelope.

Saggezza is the coin that celebrate Minerva, and it represent Wisdom. This is for the ones who plan, think and act with logic; for the ones who prefer strategy over muscles. Ulysses kept those coins to remember to himself his strongest weapon: his intelligence.

Tempesta is the coin who celebrate Neptune, and it represent Passion. This is for the ones who act without think, for the physical, strong ones who never hesitate. This coin also represent the blind, irrational faith in the ones we love. Ulysses kept those coins for remember how powerful his enemies are, and also who’s waiting for him at the end of his long journey.


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