Odissea Nec Plus Ultra

Odissea Nec Plus Ultra


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Nec Plus Ultra is the final, super-limited edition of Odissea series.

  • Limited to 500
  • New Premium tuckbox with pearlescent paper and foil
  • Gold Gilding on cards
  • Metallic inks on Cards
  • Made by USPCC + Gamblers Warehouse

The image shown is a render


Out of stock

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Nec Plus Ultra is a luxury deck, with Mythica Cards, gilded, into a premium white pearlescent, foiled box. Here is a video of it

I’m really proud about how this deck turned out 🙂

Odissea Nec Plus Ultra Story

This deck is the last one of Odissea series and talk about the last travel and the death of Ulysses.

“Nec Plus Ultra” was written on the Pillars of Hercules, the limit of the known World. It means “No more further” in latin, and pass them was forbidden to all mortals. Ulysses was crazy enough to challenge Gods, and he was so hungry of knowledge to cross them.

The story of Ulysses crossing the Pillars is found in the Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri. In this version of the story, Ulysses dies here, by a huge storm sent by the angry Gods he decided to defy.

The Goddess on the tuckbox that represent the Unknown and the Fate.

If you followed my other projects, you know I’m in love with the reckless heroes, hungry of knowledge, who does not stay in their place and dare to challenge overwhelming powers.



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