Odissea Minerva

Odissea Minerva


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  • First deck of Odissea series
  • Limited Edition of 3000 decks
  • Premium black stock tuck box
  • 2 different color foils on the tuck box
  • Metallic inks on card backs and fronts
  • 56 cards: include 2 extra courts
  • Embossing
  • Printed in USA by USPCC

In stock

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No man can challenge a God and survive, Ulysses. Not on his own. But I will help you. Don’t think it will be easy – Neptune is more powerful than I am, but we’ll do what we do best. We’ll use our intellect. 

Odissea is a new series of playing cards by Thirdway Industries, designed by the Italian designer Giovanni Meroni, inspired by Homer’s Odyssey.

There are three decks in the Odissea series: Odissea MinervaOdissea Neptune and Odissea Mythica Limited Edition.  Everything will be completely different for each deck. Tuck boxes, back and cards.

Minerva is the first Odissea deck. It’s dedicated to all the characters who helped Ulysses in his Odyssey.

Odissea Neptune is the second Odissea deck. It’s dedicated to the enemies of Ulysses.

Mythica is the limited edition and include all the characters in one deck.

Minerva Spades – Gods

The JoS is Mercury, the God of Speed. The QoS is Minerva, Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare. The KoS is Aeolus, God of Winds.

Minerva Hearts – Family

The JoH is Telemachus, son of Ulysses. The QoH is Penelope, wife of Ulysses. The KoH is the King of Strategy Ulysses, with the armor he wore for Trojan war.

Minerva Clubs – Friends

The JoC is Eumaeus, Ulysses’ Swineherd, with the dog Argos. The QoC is Nausicaa, Princess of the Phaeacians. The KoC is Alcinoo, King of the Phaeacians.

Minerva Diamonds – Troublemakers and Prophets

JoD is one of Ulysses’ men – a sailor. QoD is Circe (friendly version). KoD is Tiresias, the blind prophet.

The Aces are the places of the Odyssey: the AoH represents Ithaca, Ulysses’ homeland; the AoC represents Kerkyra (Corfu) Island of the Phaeacians; and the AoD represents Mount Circeo, home of the Witch Goddess, Circe.


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