Galaxia Promessa

Galaxia Promessa


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“SSC Promessa is the Ark of Humanity. An immense, glorious Mothership designed to carry mankind beyond the stars.”

Galaxia is a series inspired by dystopian Sci-Fi novels of the 1950s and 60s.


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“The Space Eden of Humanity, the promised land of the People. It’s safer, warmer, and superior to our current homeland in every way.”

The destination of the Galaxia Initiative is Terra-2, a superhabitable planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. It’s similar to Earth, but larger, with a spectacular ring system to rival Saturn’s.

The AoS portrays the spaceship itself, the Super Space Carrier “Promessa”.

Promessa Spades – Security

“The vast regions of unexplored space are dangerous, but our valiant Heroes will keep us safe.”

Terra-2 is hundreds of light years away, surrounded by the unknown. In order to protect its precious Citizens, the Federation has trained an elite force of Space Heroes to face any menace, from asteroids to aliens.

These highly-specialized Heroes bear advanced weapons – lasers, plasma guns, and flame cannons. Even with the ability to control human minds, the Aliens don’t stand a chance.

Promessa Hearts – Spaceship Crew

“The most comfortable trip of your life.”

Hostesses are key members of the hospitality staff; their sole purpose is to make the passengers’ lives easier. Flawlessly pretty and always cheerful, a hostess is trained to provide her passengers with whatever they might want or need.

Promessa Clubs – Passengers

“For many, hundreds of years will seem to pass in a single second.”

The main population will spend their voyage in cryosleep, frozen, dreaming of adventure.

The onboard medical staff is equipped to take care of any health problem with the most advanced healing technology available.

Promessa Diamonds – Maintenance

“Their lives are devoted to keeping our Ark safe and in perfect operating condition.”

Several generations of scientists, technicians, and mechanical engineers will ensure that the Promessa remains functional during The Journey.

“Why sweat? The most difficult and tedious tasks on our glorious spaceship will be carried out by our reliable Tetrabot-9000.”

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