Galaxia Integra

Galaxia Integra


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“They destroyed our ship, but we’ll make a new, better one!”

⚠️ – This product have an unnatural high price since it’s supposed to be included only in bundles and special moments of the year. It’s “normal” value, inlcuded into bundles, is $40.

Integra is a rarer, alternative version of Galaxia Domina, with a simple tuck box printed with an aggressive black and red design.


– Printed by USPCC
– Same cards of Galaxia Domina
– Cards with yellow background
– Bicycle Stock
– 4 “Ad cards” Jokers
– Less than 500 produced

In stock

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SSC Integra was the very first ship of the Galaxia fleet. It was destroyed by the Rebels and replaced with SSC Domina.

Domina Spades – Control

Domina Assassins are specially equipped to terminate any threat to the Galactic Federation – even threats that come from within their own ranks.

Galactic Police officers are stunning, powerful, and efficient – the perfect agents to keep order on spaceships and colonies.

Domina Hearts – Power

“I am your Queen. Salute me, Mortal.”

“No one would dare to challenge me – I am the absolute ruler of the Galaxy.”

The King and Queen of the Galaxy were duly elected during the long travel between Earth and Terra-2, onboard the SSC Domina. They’re the fair and powerful leaders of the Galactic Federation.

Domina Clubs – Production

The truth about Power Workers is that they’re basically slaves of the Federation. Technologically-enhanced body parts can also be used to compel, punish, or imprison disobedient workers.

The Supreme Engineer is the glorious woman who designed the ships of Galaxia Initiative.

Domina Diamonds – Pleasure

“Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to my show!”

The Face is the star of the Galaxia Initiative broadcast. He is a news anchor, singer, announcer, and host. Everyone loves his look and his voice.

With the help of life-lengthening serums and infusions, some Federation members are allowed to forego cryosleep and stay awake during the entire voyage to Terra-2.


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