Extreme and Endless – special

Extreme and Endless – special

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This bundle include the limited editions of Modern Idols.

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Hope and Endless Hope

“Everything is going to be okay.”

Hope is one of the two paths of Idols, and a strong force nowadays. Believing in Hope means looking at the future with optimism.

Spades – Enhancement

If you crave to be better, we can help you. But it won’t be free.

Idol of Silence

There are times when you’ve just had enough–you want to be alone, hearing only your own thoughts. You long for a moment without complications, problems, and the constant static of everyday noise. Worship Silence.

Idol of Wellness

Your body is the only thing you really own. Respect it. Train it. Be determined, and someday you’ll achieve perfection. Worship Wellness.

Idol of Curiosity

You’re not meant to be still. Discover new things. Travel the world. Meet new friends. Never stop learning. Something huge is waiting for you. Worship Curiosity.

Hearts – Individualism

The World revolves around you and the things you love. Nothing else is important.

Idol of Legacy

They seem to be the only path to immortality. And loving them is easy: they’re part of you. Worship Legacy.

Idol of Romance

You do not choose me, I choose you. Once I pierce your heart with an arrow, you won’t be able to think about anything else. Worship Romance.

Idol of Dreams

Before you can believe in me, you must believe in yourself. Dreams can be magnificent, but they’re also insidious. You must feed them with sacrifices to make them real. Worship Dreams.

Clubs – World

We’re crazy enough to try to change everything around us. Are you in?

Idol of Art

Beauty comes in many forms, and spreading beauty that all over the World is a great way to become immortal. Worship Art.

Idol of Science

I am continuously calculating the best way to fix problems that have no solutions. Yet. Worship Science.

Idol of Connection

The most important moments of your life are those spent with others. Nowadays, it’s even easier to be always together, isn’t it? Worship Connection.

Diamonds – Materialism

You are what you have. Being awesome has never been so easy.

Idol of Money

Worshipping me is easy, since I can grant almost any wish you may have. I know, I know: I can’t grant happiness. But I am sure that I can help a lot. Worship Money.

Idol of Media

You really like to watch me, right? But remember: it’s not only what I say, but how I say it. Worship Media.

Idol of Show

Actors, rockstars, champions. Heroes inspire people to be the best versions of themselves. Or, at the very least, they help people to forget their problems. Worship Show.

Goddess of Hope

The Goddess of Hope is balanced and serene, but she has a terrible dark side: when promises are broken, your World might shatter along with them.

Fear and Extreme Fear

“Be careful. The world is a dangerous place.”

If you are worried about the future, always trying to prevent potential problems, you’re probably a worshipper of Fear.

Spades – Enhancement

If you’re scared you’re not enough, don’t worry. We’re here.

Idol of Technology

You’re just a human, and you’re limited. But with my help, you’ll be whole: stronger, smarter, better. Let me enhance you. Worship Technology.

Idol of Abnegation

Few people realize that to be more, you need less. Give up your vices. Be chaste. Be sober. This is the path to perfection. Worship Abnegation.

Idol of Knowledge

Worshipping me is not easy, but it can be very rewarding. I am the warden of all the secrets of the Universe. If you seek my counsel diligently, I might share some. Worship Knowledge.

Hearts – Individualism

Are you enough? Believe in yourself and all your wishes will be granted.

Idol of Vanity

Your life will be beautiful if you’re beautiful. Take care of your outward appearance; the inside is not important. Make sure you’re always in the spotlight. Worship Vanity.

Idol of Hedonism

Dear mortal, your time on the Earth is fleeting. Use it to do what you really want. Follow pleasure, always. Worship Hedonism.

Idol of Conformism

Blend with others. Don’t shout, just follow the flow. There is Strength in numbers. With all the others like you, one day you’ll be powerful. Worship Conformism.

Clubs – World

The future is terrifying. But we can fight to make it better. Are you in?

Idol of Vengeance

When you hate someone, you are feeding me. I can overwhelm every other thought, and I won’t be satisfied until justice is served. Worship Vengeance.

Idol of Ecology

You have spent years spoiling the Earth, and our Planet is dying. You must believe in me if you want to flourish in the future. Worship Ecology.

Idol of Ideology

The bravest ones are willing to sacrifice everything for their ideas. For the Nation, for the People, for the Glory! Worship Ideology.

Diamonds – Materialism

You could solve your problems, or you could simply think about something else. Like us.

Idol of Games

Fun is a serious matter, my friend. Problems are threatening you? Just play. They’ll eventually go away. And if they don’t, at least you had a good time. Worship Games.

Idol of Consumerism

Buy! Eat! Get that! And that! And that! You need it! Don’t stop! Don’t think! Worship Consumerism.

Idol of Work

Push hard! Harder, I said. You need to produce more to be more. Give me everything, and I’ll make you worthy of me. Worship Work.

God of Fear

Don’t worry, believing in Fear doesn’t make you a coward – it may mean you’re just cautious and vigilant. Believers in Fear have prevented a lot of disasters in mortals’ lives.

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