Devotion Gold

Devotion Gold


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Devotion Gold was the main 2022 TWI Patreon reward.


  • Courts of this deck cannot be shared!
  • Courts and pips are 100% new and custom, not standard or standard-ish.
  • Luxury tuckbox: gold foil (outside) and red foil (inside) on black premium matte paper
  • Embossing on box
  • Gold gilding on cards
  • Gold hot foil on card backs
  • Metallic inks on card faces

💀 If you own this deck, please do not share its court cards on socials! These are meant to be a secret.

In stock


Ah, Divinity. A mystery that cannot be truly explained, nor entirely understood.
Without comprehension, we must rely on Faith.
Faith in our all-powerful Deity, of course; The great Maker and Destroyer of our World.
We worship him in different ways, but at least we agree on one thing: he is one, and only one.
Apart from that, each one of us prays to a different incarnation of our Almighty Ruler.
We call him by different names. We do all in our power to draw his attention.
One God, four faces — which one do you see?

Devotion lore is the story of four secret cults that worship the same entity in very different ways.
The idea is to let people see only the surface, without giving them the chance to go deeper. Only insiders get a closer look, and are allowed into the secrets of Devotion. This is the reason that court cards are not shown on this page (and never will be).

If you own this deck, you are allowed -in fact, encouraged- to share images of the Devotion tuck box and card backs. However, I kindly ask you not to share images of the Devotion face cards (including courts, pips, and aces).

Devotion Factions

♦️ Radiant Sun (Diamonds) – Sun, Day, Celebration, Leisure, Feasting.
♠️ Killing Moon (Spades) – Moon, Night, Boldness, Strength, Discipline.
♣️ Dea Mater (Clubs) – Community, Tranquility, Holiness.
♥️ The Snake God (Hearts) – Egoism, Chaos, Anarchy

Devotion is about four different, fictional religious cults, all of them ominous, fanatical, and violent. This project is, of course, 100% fictional, made for fun, and probably not suitable for kids (although there is nothing explicit in the cards). I do not endorse any real religious cult!

Photo credits – @RyanSmith and @chambertincards

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