Conquerors Vendetta

Conquerors Vendetta


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  • Limited edition, 2000 decks printed
  • Red Flood Foil on card backs, very reflective and visually stunning.
  • Premium tuckbox with soft touch paper and embossing
  • Printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • Gold foil seal
  • Bold style with thick lines
  • Completely different from the Victoria/Audax variant

Suggested for mature audience

In stock

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“Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.”

Here is a video review of Conquerors Vendetta by The Card Guy:

Some pics of Conquerors Vendetta by Ryan Smith

Conquerors Vendetta is the successor of the first two versions, Audax and Victoria. It’s a completely redesigned deck, with new back, faces and box.

This is the Vendetta Card Back compared with the Audax/Victoria one:

The card back is made with a new technique developed by Expert Playing Card Co. called “Flood Foil” – the backs are entirely covered with red foil and black ink is overprinted.

The original Conquerors was dedicated to the Goddess of Victory, Victoria (the roman name for the Goddess Nike). Vendetta is dedicated to Nemesi, the Goddess of Vengeance. She is the main Joker and she’s also on the tuckbox.

For its theme, Vendetta is the “negative” twin of the original Conquerors. It’s related to anger, fury, reckless courage and violence.

Vengeance is usually related to evil, so I’ve made the courts more threatening and fiercer than their “Victoria/Audax” counterparts.

However, Vendetta is not “all bad” – there is a good side, the theme of “Justice”.

The second Joker is one of my favourite and most portrayed characters ever – the God of Sea, Neptune.

If you followed Odissea, you know why I picked him as the male God of Vengeance. His counterpart in the original Conquerors was Mars Invictus, the God of War.

Hearts suits represent the Fury and the Sacrifice.

Diamonds represent Hate.

Clubs represent the brute force.

Spades plans their revenge with Strategy.

Some weapons are changed – the Jack of Hearts wield a rapier instead a longsword.

The Jack of Hate is scarier than his “Victory” counterpart – in the original Conquerors, diamonds represent the Economical and Political power.

The Jack of Clubs is inspired by a medieval/fantasy cleric.


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