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Apocalisse is a deck about the End of the World, inspired by the Book of Revelation.


  • Full-bleed foiled backs
  • Printed by Cartamundi
  • 2 layers of foil on tuckbox
  • Embossing on tuckbox
  • Custom seal
  • Limited and Numbered (around 2500)
  • Metallic inks on card faces
  • 4 Jokers

In stock


The suits represent the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Spades are Conquest, Hearts are War, Diamonds are Famine, and Clubs are Death.

“Subjugate the World” 

He is the Knight who will dominate the World: a master strategist, created to enslave all Mortals. His longbow is infused with lightning, the power of the Almighty himself.

She was once a Seraph, but now she delivers her own distorted justice to punish the mortals. Her weapon of choice is the Lightning Bolt, and she uses the last spark to incinerate her victims.

Hell’s crafty sharpshooter, he watches mortals from above with his all-seeing eye, ever ready to strike dead those who stray from the flock.

 “Slay one another”

Made from pure chaos, his ultimate purpose is to turn mortals against one another. He is the strongest of the four, but the Almighty has forbidden him to kill mortals directly.

Violent, crazy, and furious, she will massacre both Demons and Celestials indiscriminately. It is her destiny to be destroyed while attempting to kill the Almighty himself.

 “Misery and starvation”

His purpose is to bring pain and despair to mortals. He prefers to destroy lives indirectly, and loves to see mortals suffer.

Ever followed by a swarm of giant locusts, her ultimate goal is to spoil the World’s food supply through contamination and decay.

Also known as Beelzebub, he surrounds himself with a loyal army of flies. They whisper in his ear, telling him the darkest desires of mortals, enabling him to corrupt souls.

“Reap the souls of the hopeless ones”

Death is the final Knight, the only one who can end the lives of mortals directly. Mortals are terrified of him, although he is sometimes merciful.

She has visited the Earth only once, to kill the firstborn and calm the fury of the Almighty. When the Apocalypse comes, Heaven will unchain her Scythe, and she will walk free again.

This Infernal Demon will weaken Mortals with an infectious disease, bringing pain and fear. His goal is please his big brother.

Spot cards

Apocalisse spot Cards will be fully custom, but perfect to play with. They’ll have an intricate background with shiny metallic ink.

 The Red Dragon

A massive, seven-headed monster, he’s the incarnation of the Devil and the Biblical snake who tempted Adam and Eve. The Red Dragon’s goal is to devour the child of the Woman clothed in the Sun.

The Woman clothed in the Sun

“Clothed in the Sun, with a crown of twelve stars, this celestial woman is pregnant and will give birth to a male child.”

She knows that the Red Dragon is waiting to devour her child as soon as it is born, but the Almighty has given her the wings of a great eagle to aid her escape.

The False Prophet (The Beast)

Many mortals believe he is the Prophet that will save the World. He will appear as a lamb-horned Beast, and his purpose is to promote the authority of the Red Dragon. He will have “the ability to perform great signs,” even calling fire down from Heaven. He will become the King of all Mortals, and reign for seven years of prosperity.

He will speak “like a dragon,” commanding the people of the Earth to make an image of the Beast, and to worship the Beast on pain of death.

The Beast will require all people to “receive the mark of the beast in their right hand or in their forehead” in order to buy or sell.

He will Dominate the World for seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of oppression. He will be destroyed by the True Prophet in the final battle between Heaven and Hell.

Babylon the Great

She rides upon the seven-headed beast, the ultimate representation of Humanity’s corruption. Dressed in luxuriant red and decadent jewels, she is a symbol of wealth and lechery.

Her fate is to be devoured by the beast upon which she sits.

The True Prophet

He’s the son of the Woman Clothed in the Sun. He will be hidden away for fourteen years, far from the war between Heaven and Hell. When he returns, his destiny is to kill the Red Dragon and the False Prophet. He will end the Apocalypse and heal the World, restarting the cycle.

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