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Black Friday deals!

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If you can’t find the product you purchased on Black Friday or you need assistance with your orders, contact me at giovanni@thirdway.it.

Collection Starter Discount

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the free brick box?

Buy a total of 12 decks for be eligible. This is valid for bundles and single decks purchases. This offer is valid until Italian Midnight of Friday 11/29. If you’ll do multiple orders during the Black Friday event, I’ll combine them for determine if you are eligible for the free brick box.

I missed Eva Red Rose – What can I do?

Unfortunately Eva Red Rose is gone – I still have few that will be used for future special events and the TWI Supreme Collection.

Why you made just 100 Eva Red Rose!?

Eva Red Rose was produced with the last 100 unboxed decks of Eva Original. I had these in my warehouse since 2017, and I’ve decided to red gild them and make a fancy red box when I produced Eva Noire/Paradis (one year ago). I don’t like make super-limited editions and I apologize in advance if you are not able to purchase it.

What are the “Collection Starters”?

I made these bundles for “new collectors” – two are quite cheap (and cheaper for Black Friday). One is super-expensive, but include all the decks released so far. Yes, also Eva Red Rose.

When Black Friday orders will be shipped?

I will ship all the Black Friday orders as soon as possible – consider this is the most hectic period of the year and we’re in the middle of a pandemic, so delays will be “normal” – my estimate is that you’ll recieve your decks during December (domestic) or January (International).

When these offer will expire?

All offers on this page can be removed without notice, so if you see something you like, don’t wait. New offers can appear anytime, from now to Cyber Monday (Moday 30th November). All the offers will be removed 1st December.

If you have questions, write me at giovanni-at-thirdway.it

Thank you for the incredible Black Friday!

Black Friday orders cannot be refunded – check carefully before you buy!

Coupon codes cannot be allpied after an order is made. However, if you had one but you forgot to use it, contact me at giovanni@thirdway.it and I will give you a credit code.