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Betrayers Square

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This bundle includes all the Betrayers decks:


4 in stock

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“Ah, Betrayal! For some, this is the worst Sin that can be done. For us, it’s just a way to pursue our dreams.” 

Everything will be completely different for each deck. Tuck boxes, back and cards. For example, here is the same court in three different versions:

There are also three different backs – Invictus will have foil on back:

Betrayers Lucis and Tenebra will be printed by USPCC – Betrayers Invictus will be printed by Cartamundi.

This bundle also includes the last deck of the Betrayers Series, Veritas.

Veritas is a very special deck, purposely difficult to play with – Suits colors are swapped (hearts and diamonds are blue, spades and clubs are red):

The back is one way – check it closely. Once you know this, you can use this deck for effects… or just to cheat.

This is a true Betrayer deck and it’s full of secrets. It also have two-sided courts:

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