• If you love the stories behind TWI decks, this booklet is a must have, since it explains every single Nightmare included both in Incubo Mezzanotte and Incubo Divoramondo.
    • Printed in Italy by Boschiero and Newton
    • Black holographic foil on cover
    • 80 pages, with illustrations and stories
    • A6 format
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    Delirium Booklet

    Original price was: $25,00.Current price is: $19,00.
    The booklet included in Delirium Prism Kickstarter (2014).
    • Mirrored stock Cover
    • 24 pages
    • Printed on premium 170g stock
    • A6 format
    • Limited
  • Recovering your memory is a daunting task--make it easier with this manual. It includes a lot of explanations, secrets, insights, and interpretations to help you get the most from the Memoria Decks and experience the memories more fully.
    • A6 format
    • Printed by Boschiero&Newton
    • ~100 pages
    • Cover made by Mirror Paper
    • Printed with metallic inks
    • All the courts and the Memoria explained
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    Red Book of the Revolutio

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    The Red Book of the Revolutio is a booklet that explain the court cards of the three Order decks. It's offset printed in CYMK.
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