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TWI supreme collection

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This monster bundle is the ultimate “collection starter” and includes all the Thirdway Industries decks currently available. This include also some decks that can’t be normally bought, like Gold Monolith and Omnia Suprema. It might include extra goodies such extra cards, pins and even extra decks.

It will be updated when a deck will be sold out or a new series will be released.

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1 in stock

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If you wish to have the complete collection, this is probably the best option for you – the overall price is very high, but also is the discount, in proportion.

It’s possible customize this bundle, contact me at giovanni@thirdway.it.

This bundle does NOT include the decks that are sold out in the TWI United States warehouse: Delirium Prism, Omnia Oscura  and Omnia Illumina

Some decks available now might be sold out and not available on this bundle in the immediate future.

The Box in the product image is for display only and not included.