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Italia Divina Trident

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This bundle include the three main Italia Divina decks: combined, they form the Italian Flag.

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Include the three main decks of the Italia Divina Series

About Italia Divina Series

Italia Divina is a series of poker playing cards that includes landmarks, stories, and secrets of Italy. There are three decks in this series: Italia Radiosa (Red), Italia Segreta (Green) and Italia Divina Limited Edition (White/Silver). Combined, they form the Italian Flag.

The courts are all custom and completely different in each deck, here is an example of the King of Spades:

Radiosa and Segreta have similar, complementary back designs, perfect for using them together. Divina has a different, more ethereal design in shining silver on white.

Each unique pip card features a beautiful location or reveals a hidden secret about Italy, the Land of Beauty. Here is an example:

These decks make the perfect travel companions for an Italian vacation, helping you discover and explore the many mysteries of Italy.

All decks are designed with functionality in mind; neither hints nor design will compromise playability in any way.

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