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    No more available for preorder.  Subscribe the newsletter for be notified when Gold Monolith will be back in stock! The Gold Monolith is one of the craziest decks ever created. Features:
    • LIMITED TO 500 decks, numbered and sealed
    • Same cards of Black Monolith: Holographic cold foil on card backs and faces
    • Premium tuckbox with matte paper, gold and red foil
    • Neon Inks, fluorescent under UV light
    • Premium paper for cards
    • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Out of stock
    Betrayers Red Invictus is the super-limited, gilded edition of Betrayers Invictus. Features
    • Super Limited Edition - 265 decks, sealed and numbered
    • Gold Gilding on cards
    • Cold foil on backs!
    • Metallic ink on front
    • Premium paper, foiled metallic red box
    • Printed by Cartamundi
  • Out of stock
    Nec Plus Ultra is the final, super-limited edition of Odissea series.
    • Limited to 500
    • New Premium tuckbox with pearlescent paper and foil
    • Gold Gilding on cards
    • Metallic inks on Cards
    • Made by USPCC + Gamblers Warehouse
    The image shown is a render  
  • Out of stock
    This product is a preorder and will be ready in October 2020 - Preorders are now suspended. Pantheon Caelum is the luxury, gilded edition of the new edition of Pantheon. Features
    • Blue Gilding
    • Premium tuckbox with 2 layers of foil (blue and holographic)
    • Embossing
    • Inner foil
    • 56 cards, with 4 jokers
    • Metallic inks on cards
    • Printed by USPCC
    • 800 made
    • Sealed and numbered
    The white background and the classic colors on cards made this deck perfect to play with.
  • Sale!
    Apocalisse is a deck about the End of the World, inspired by the Book of Revelation. Wrath of God is the limited, gilded version of the main deck of the project. Features:
    • Gold gilding on cards
    • Full-bleed foiled backs
    • Limited and Numbered
    • Less than 1000 decks made
    • 2 layers of foil on tuckbox
    • Embossing on tuckbox
    • Custom seal
    • Printed by Cartamundi
    • Metallic inks on card faces
    • 4 Jokers
  • Out of stock
    • Violet Gilding on Cards
    • Limited Edition, only 800 made
    • Very rare and not purchaseable alone
    • Sealed and Numbered
    • 2 layers of foils on tuckbox
    • 1 layer of inner foil on tuckbox
    • Premium paper and Embossing on tuckbox
    • Printed by USPCC
    • Metallic inks on cards
    • Remake of SINS Anima Original
    Court cards show soft nudity - suggested for mature audience.
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