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What’s new?


What’s new on this site?

  • Improved site design, to find faster the Thirdway Industries products.
  • Everything will be easy to find with the new “all products page” – there is also a search!
  • A better structure for promotions: now I can display more offers simultaneously!
  • A better product page with a lot of high res pictures and accurate description.
  • An improved shipping calculation: now the shipping is based on the weight of your order and your country. Check below for detailed informations.
  • There is a news section with some background on my work. Thirdway Industries new payoff is “Decks that tell a story”, so I started to write a blog with those stories. It’s still a small section, but it will grow.

New shipping calculation

The old website had just two flat rates: $4 for domestic shipping (USA) and $9 for all-international shippings. The new website uses a complex way to calculate shipping, based on your country and the weight of your order. There are three “shipping zones”:

Domestic – Shipping cost $2 base +  $1 per deck/coin + $10 per uncut sheet – Just for United States of America.

Zone 1 – Shipping cost $4 base +  $2 per deck/coin + $15 per uncut sheet – Just for Canada, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, New Zealand, Denmark, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Gibraltar, Netherlands, Hungary, Sweden, Latvia, Switzerland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta

Rest of the world – Shipping cost $6 base +  $4 per deck/coin + $20 per uncut sheet – All the countries non-listed above

Basically, orders with few decks will be cheaper, and the ones with many decks will cost a little more. Usa and Zone1 will have a better shipping rate, unfortunately I had to rise shipping cost for the rest of the world.

An important thing – I will do some promotions that grant free shipping over specific amounts. Check the site Home to find out if there is an active promotion.


www.thirdway.it will be closed?

No, thirdway.it will be my main website. This site, www.thirdwayindustries.com is the Thirdway Industries Store, but the main site will be always www.thirdway.it. However, if you want buy a deck or two, you may decide to come there directly.

What about the old store?

The old store, will be closed in the next weeks. Everything there (products, promotions, coupon codes) will expire when the site will be closed. If there is something you want buy there…do it now!

What about my account on the old website?

The old account will be canceled, but you can register again on this site. Sorry for the trouble!

I had a problem on an order on the old website, what can I do?

No problem – the website is changed, but I’m the same person. You can ask anything on your previous orders, even the old website will be closed.

What about Evil Deck?

Evil Deck is sold out 🙁 – I just have few in Italy as private collection. If you wish to have one, send me a mail.

What about Delirium, Omnia Suprema, Omnia Magnifica and Dedalo Apeiron?

They will be sold only on special occasions. If you want one now, you can ask me via e-mail.

I found a bug, or I have a question not listed here.

Ask me via e-mail, I’ll answer in 24 hrs usually!

GIOVANNI’S MAIL > giovanni-at-thirdway.it